A Pair of New Stories

I am thrilled to announce two new story sales. “Decrypted”, set in a near future in which all classical public key cryptography has been hacked, will be published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact. “Fixer Upper”, about a Chinese expedition to rescue the International Space Station, has been selected by Mike Brotherton for his upcoming anthology Science Fiction by Scientists (Springer). I am grateful to Trevor Quachri for my third appearance in Analog, and to Mike Brotherton for…well, a number of things (Launch Pad!) but in this case for generously expanding the definition of “scientist” to include a lowly engineer. My gratitude also to Ken Miura, whose thorough and insightful critique of “Fixer Upper” improved the story by at least an order of magnitude, and my heartfelt thanks to David Brin without whom “Decrypted” would not have been written.