Cover and Table of Contents for Science Fiction by Scientists

SF by ScientistsHere is the cover and table of contents for Mike Brotherton’s upcoming collection Science Fiction by Scientists published by Springer, which includes my story “Fixer Upper” about a Chinese expedition to rescue the International Space Station. The book will be available in late November 2016.

Introduction by Mike Brotherton
“Down and Out” by Ken Wharton
“Tree of Life” by Jennifer Rohn
“Supernova Rhythm” by Andrew Fraknoi
“Turing de Force” by Edward M. Lerner
“Neural Alchemist” by Tedd Roberts
“The Schrödinger Brat Paradox” by Carl Frederick
“Upside the Head” by Marissa Lingen
“Betelgeuse” by J. Craig Wheeler
“Sticks and Stones” by Stephanie Osborn
“One for the Conspiracy Theorists” by Jon Richards
“Hidden Variables” by Jed Brody
“Spreading the Seed” by Les Johnson
“Fixer Upper” by Eric Choi
“The Gatherer of Sorrows” by J. M. Sidorova